diumenge, 22 de maig de 2016


The 5th grade students did a conference about animals.

dilluns, 16 de maig de 2016


I' ve made a game for you, so you can practise the future tense and the first conditional. It's a game with several sentences and you have to fill the gaps with the correct answer. You have to click in the picture. Thank you!

I hope you like it!

dijous, 12 de maig de 2016


Here, you have a presentation about the adjectives (comparatives and superlatives). You can study with this resource. Thank you!

diumenge, 8 de maig de 2016


You can repass "the first conditional" here. Remember, the first conditional has the present simple after 'if', then the future simple in the other clause:
  • If + present simple, ... will + infinitive.
  • ... will + infinitive, if + present simple.

It's used to talk about things which might happen in the future. Of course, we can't know what will happen in the future, but this describes possible things, which could easily come true. Here, you have some examples:

  • If I study today, I'll go to the party tonight.
  • If I have enough money, I'll buy some new shoes.
  • She'll be late if the train is delayed.
  • I will buy a car, if I win the lottery.

Here, you have some activities.

Activity 3: Link the sentences.

Coming soon, I' ll upload a game about the future and first conditional for you can practise the grammar. 

diumenge, 1 de maig de 2016


Hi class! Here, you have the second video about our session of Skype with the Cherry Knoll Elementary of Traverse City. I uploaded a short video but if you want to see the long video, you can see it in the next link.


I hope you enjoy it. You can write some comment on the video. Thanks!