dijous, 22 de juny de 2017


Hi students! We have finish the course and we did the last project "My future". Here, you have the videos, presentations and other things about this project. Enjoy it!!

dimecres, 21 de juny de 2017


You can watch the last video about the project "Refugees". This video is a montage between the three classes. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks!

dimarts, 20 de juny de 2017


Hi kids, here you have the videos about the project "Refugees". I think it is very interesting!

dilluns, 19 de juny de 2017


Here, you have the several projects about "The wild animals". I think you have all done a good work!

divendres, 16 de juny de 2017

Restaurant role play 3rd grade

Restaurant dialogue and ordering food!